Design for Disassembly

Start thinking about the end right from the outset: that is the key for Design for Disassembly. Every use is finite and that requires foresight.

What if a building has outlived its purpose? Through thinking about this during the design phase, reuse is made possible. You can see this in Park 20|20, because each and every one of the buildings can all be disassembled. With customisation during design and development, we anticipate the wishes, requirements and needs of our users. With Design for Disassembly, we take the future into account.


High residual value


Design for Disassembly has various positive effects. Reuse of materials is good for our ecological footprint, but it also has financial components: savings are made on procuring new raw materials and redundant buildings retain a higher residual value. Design for Disassembly demonstrates that a sustainable vision also has economic benefits.