Cradle to Cradle®

Park 20|20 stands for circular enterprise based on the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. This has three underlying principles:

1) Waste does not exist. In nature, waste is always a source for something else. Everything is part of a cycle in which ‘waste’ has a function as food. That principle was and is the guiding principle for the building and management of Park 20|20.


2) Sustainable energy. Park 20|20 leads in the energy transition. For the energy supply an innovative mix of green technologies are used, suitable for solar, wind, geothermal heat and gravitation energy.


3) Stimulate diversity. Nature shows us that everything is connected. Diversity is essential for a healthy cycle. The integration of plants, trees, water, bees and butterflies, fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit is of crucial importance for Park 20|20: we return what we have used.


Cradle to Cradle in Park 20|20


With nature as a source of inspiration, the use of reusable or biodegradable materials was prioritized where possible. Grey water is collected, purified and reused. Through the smart sorting of waste the ecological footprint is minimised. The entire park is heated and cooled with a single sustainable powerplant. Many roofs have solar panels. In the vegetable garden vegetables and fruit are grown, attracting butterflies and bees to the park. In brief, with Cradle to Cradle as a basis, we provide a healthy living and working environment.